Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7 Ways Puppets Can Be Used In the Classroom

Puppets are still an effective teaching tools. In fact, they are the #2 teaching tool. Here are some ways they can be used in the classroom:  

1. Presenting stories
a. Read the story carefully, picking out the important parts.
b. Keep the play short. Attention span is one minute beyond age.

2. Teaching Scripture verse
a. A puppet could be named Detective Dan. His purpose would be to search through Scripture to find verses for the boys and girls to learn.
b. A hound dog could actually look like he's searching for a verse and then dialogue with the children to help them learn it.

3. Reviewing previous lessons
A Question Kid puppet can be created. Attach a question mark to your stage. Children take turns pushing the question mark circle which is the "doorbell" to bring up the Question Kid who, in turn, asks review questions.
4. Making announcements  

5. Involving with music
a. Those who normally don't like music will become involved when they use a puppet.
b. Creative way to learn new songs.  

6. Reinforcing a biblical principle or providing information  

7. Teaching behavior
A church mouse named CM could be used in a non-threatening way to help children learn proper behavior at church, because a church mouse sees all and knows all!

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