Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Mary's Not Dead


You would think that after my last blog post, I was “put out to pasture” or ready to set sail on my ministry to kids and families. Absolutely no way. I am not retired or done writing and recording. The MUSIC and MEDIUMS never change the the MESSAGE of Jesus and His love towards us never changes. 

So I’m ready for the next chapter. So what does that mean ? Here are a few highlights from my last blog post in 2014 almost 8 years ago. 

  1. Our daughter got married to a wonderful guy in 2015 and I was mother of the bride. Incredible day. They are doing well and were able to purchase their first home in the Northwest. 
  2. I’m now a Grandma and all of my songs that were old have taken on new meaning! Seeing and hearing my 4 year old granddaughter sing along with me is a huge highlight of my days.  
  3. I started writing more songs and finished mixing more TV episodes that viewed on several TV stations. More on that in days ahead. We know have a great YouTube channel where you can find a lot of our episodes. 
  4. I went to Europe several times and even in 2014 after my bout with pneumonia and sang at the top of the tallest mountain in Switzerland. What a God thing!  They told me I would never sing again. Boy, did GOD show them. The doctors are amazed and I am the “poster child” for the pulmonary folks at USC Keck hospital.
  5. I sang on Dr. Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign in 2017.  He was on the road in Iowa and my friend and producer, Michael Nason, was heading up many family events on his campaign. I was so elated to be singing right before Dr. Carson spoke in front of thousands who were listening on. Unfortunately he lost but he went on to do many great things with President Trump helping with HUB and the homeless situation at the time.
  6. Darcie Maze and I continued to do some traveling and ministering in different parts of the country including a Preschool / Kindergarten Dedication in Virginia, another one in Hawaii, and beyond. 
  7. The COVID 2020 year was unprecedented and all of our bookings were cancelled including Honolulu, Kaui and plans to go to Oberammergau in Europe.  My cousin and many others died of this dreadful Covid but as a family here, we all have stayed well. So thankful as things could be much worse.
  8. On a positive note. Because of Covid we decided to SHIFT gears with our ministry. The new buz word is PIVOT and that’s what we did !We looked for animators for my songs. In fact, I had a great audience of one. My Granddaughter!  Her favorite secular show was Cocomelon so I decided there wasn’t a Christian Cocomelon out there.  So go check it out www.YouTube.com/MaryRiceHopkins and subscribe to our channel so we can keep making more videos.
  9. Since Covid, March 2020 we have done over 300 Facebook Live posts. We are on every week bringing hope and character lessons to families and teachers who tune in. If you want to follow us there go to www.facebook.com/maryricehopkinsfanpage for more info.  It has been amazing to hear and see how this 15 minute segment has made an impact.
  10. And finally, we've welcomed Lucy, our four-legged baby girl, to our family.                                                

There was a lot going on since I got so sick in 2014. God has miraculously healed me and I am 99 percent better than I was. God is SO good. I am breathing again when they never thought I would even talk again.

Now go be a Light in His Pumpkin Patch !!   

Here it is:

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